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Double Sigma Blade Kneader Mixer

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  • NH-300

Product Description

  • This sigma blade mixer was exported to Germany for the production of silicone rubber.

  • Karvil Machinery is the supplier of Siemens and provide the sigma blade mixer for its application.

  • The Karvil sigma mixer is also known as the Z blade mixer or sigma kneader mixer. It is used for the mixing and  kneading of high viscosity materials.

  • The Karvil sigma blade mixer caused by a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating Z blades to produce a strong shearing action so that the viscous materials enables to react quickly to obtain a uniform mixing.


Technical Parameters



How a sigma mixer works

Mixing Chamber: The sigma mixer consists of a mixing chamber, which is a trough-shaped container with a hinged top lid for loading and unloading materials.

Blades: Inside the mixing chamber, two sigma-shaped blades are mounted on separate shafts. These blades can be tilted or adjusted to various angles, depending on the specific mixing requirements. The blades are typically made of stainless steel or other durable materials to withstand the rigors of mixing various substances.

Material Loading: The materials to be mixed or kneaded are loaded into the mixing chamber through the top lid.

Rotation: The sigma mixer operates by rotating the sigma blades in opposite directions. One blade moves clockwise while the other moves counterclockwise. This counter-rotation creates a shearing and kneading action, which effectively mixes the materials.

Kneading Action: As the blades rotate, they continuously fold and knead the materials. The materials are pushed back and forth, trapped between the blades and the chamber walls. This kneading action promotes uniform mixing, dispersion of additives, and even distribution of components within the mixture.

Heating or Cooling: Many sigma mixers are equipped with heating or cooling jackets that allow temperature control during the mixing process. This is particularly important when working with materials that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Discharge: After the mixing process is complete, the lid is opened, and the mixed material is discharged from the mixer, typically through a bottom discharge valve or port.

Cleaning: Cleaning the sigma mixer is relatively easy due to its design, which minimizes material buildup and facilitates access to all interior surfaces for thorough cleaning between batches.

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