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Food Grade Sigma Z Blade Mixer

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  • NH-300

Food Grade Sigma Z Blade Mixer

  • The contact part of the material can be made of SS304, SS316 with a polished surface, or carbon steel. The remaining part can also be made of stainless steel, with carbon steel mostly used and coated with automotive-grade industrial paint.

  • The speed of the sigma blades can be adjusted using an inverter control; one speed is fast and the other is slow.

  • There are two methods for discharging: hydraulic tilting or screw extrusion, and both can be used.

  • The independent control panel includes functions control, Schneider electronic components, circuit breaker protection, and voltage and current display.

  • There is an optional vacuum function, which includes a vacuum pump, metal hose, buffer tank, and vacuum gauge. The vacuum degree can reach -0.096mpa.

  • There is also an optional heating function, which can be achieved through electric heating with far infrared heaters or by using a jacket for heating transfer oil, steam, or water circulation.

  • For cooling, there is an optional jacket for water circulation or the equipment can be equipped with a chiller.

  • Any other customized functions can be discussed and added as per requirements.


Technical Parameters



  • What is a Sigma Blade Mixer?

A Sigma Blade Mixer is an industrial mixer that uses two counter-rotating blades shaped like the Greek letter sigma to mix and knead various materials.

  • How does a Sigma Blade Mixer work?

A Sigma Blade Mixer works by combining the rotating action of the blades with the horizontal movement of the mixing container. This creates a kneading and mixing action that effectively blends and homogenizes the materials.

  • What are the advantages of using a Sigma Blade Mixer?

Some advantages of using a Sigma Blade Mixer include its ability to handle high-viscosity materials, its efficient mixing and kneading action, and its versatility in processing a wide range of materials such as adhesives, polymers, and food products.

  • Can a Sigma Blade Mixer be customized for specific applications?

Yes, Sigma Blade Mixers can be customized to meet specific application requirements. This can include modifications to the blade design, mixing speed, container size, and additional features such as heating or cooling capabilities.

  • How do I maintain and clean a Sigma Blade Mixer?

We provide one year warranty. Generally, this involves regular inspection, lubrication of moving parts, and thorough cleaning after each use. It is also recommended to use appropriate cleaning agents and techniques to ensure proper hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.

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