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Karvil Machinery Sigma Mixer Extruder

Sigma mixer extruder is also known as kneader extruder or kneader with extrusion discharge which combines the capabilities of sigma mixer and extruder.  The Z shaped sigma blades are for efficient mixing and kneading of high viscosity materials within the chamber, while the extruder shapes materials through extrusion screws, optimizing production efficiency and reducing manufacturing timelines.  Kneader extruder integrates mixing, kneading, and extrusion processes, catering to diverse industries such as silicone rubber, ceramics, pharmaceutical, plastic, ink, adhesive, 6and food.Karvil offers customizable Sigma Mixer Extruder with versatility, efficiency, precision, and reliability to meet the diverse and evolving needs of various industries.

Key Features

Extrusion function: Sigma mixer extruder can extrude the mixed materials from the screw. This allows the sigma mixer extruder to not only mix materials but also directly form process them.

Continuous production: Due to its extrusion function, the sigma mixer extruder can achieve continuous production and improve production efficiency.

Adjustable extrusion speed: Operators can adjust extrusion pressure and speed as needed to control the flow and shape of extruded material.

Suitable for high-viscosity materials: Due to its powerful extrusion capacity, the sigma mixer extruder is suitable for processing high-viscosity materials, such as silicone rubber, adhesives, and polymer materials.

Reliable Operation and Maintenance: Sigma mixer extruders are designed to be robust, and generally easy to operate and maintain. This makes equipment operation more reliable and reduces downtime and costs.



The material contact part can be SS304, SS316 with mirror polished or carbon steel. The rest part can also be stainless steel and mostly adopt carbon steel with automotive grade industrial paint.

2. Temperature: 

Electric heating with far ultrared heaters or with jacket for heating transfer oil; Jacket for steam; Jacket for water circulation.  Precise temperature control ensures optimal mixing and extrusion conditions, particularly for materials sensitive to heat.

3.Vacuum function: 

It includes vacuum pump, metal hose, buffer tank and vacuum gauge. Vacuum degree can reach-0.096mpa

4. Variable Speed: 

Both the sigma mixer and the screw extruder can have variable speed controls, allowing operators to adjust the mixing and extrusion rates according to the desired output and material properties.

5. Safety Features: 

Safety features such as interlocks, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection are essential components of sigma mixers with screw extruders.

6. Control Systems: 

Advanced control systems with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) may be integrated into sigma mixers with screw extruders. 

Technical Parameters

Total volume(L)100200300500100015002000300040005000
Effective working volume(L)30-7060-14090-210150-350300-700450-1050600-1400900-21001200-28001500-3500
Main motor power(KW)5.5-117.5-18.57.5-3015-3722-9022-9030-11030-11045-11055-132
Heating methodSteam Heating                                                     Jacket for steam
Electric heating power
(Media with heating transfer oil)(KW)
Vacuum function(Mpa)                                                        0- -0.096Mpa
Discharging method                                                       Tilting cylinder
                                                        Screw extrusion

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