Double Arm Sigma Mixer

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  • NH-1000

Customizable Design

  • The material contact part can be SS304, SS316 with mirror polished or carbon steel. The rest part can also be stainless steel and mostly adopt carbon steel with automotive grade industrial paint

  • Sigma blades speed can be adjustable with inverter control; one is fast and another is slow.

  • Discharge method can hydraulic tilting discharging or screw extrusion discharging or both of them.

  • Independent Control Panel: Function control,Schneider electronic components,Circuit breaker protection,Voltage & current showed and etc.

  • Vacuum function( optional): it includes vacuum pump, metal hose, buffer tank and vacuum gauge. Vacuum degree can reach-0.096mpa

  • Heating function ( optional): Electric heating with far ultrared heaters or with jacket for heating transfer oil; Jacket for steam; Jacket for water circulation.

  • Cooling function( optional): Jacket for cooling water circulation or equipped together with a chiller.

  • Other customized function can be discussed.


Technical Parameters


Application Industry

  • Chemicals: Ideal for mixing rubber compounds, adhesives, resins, sealants, silicone rubber, and other high-viscosity chemical compounds. They enable consistent blending of ingredients in chemical manufacturing.

  • Carbon Industry: Used in the mixing of carbon compounds for the production of carbon paste used in electrodes or in carbon-related manufacturing processes.

  • Adhesives and Sealants: Vital in the production of adhesives and sealants where combining different ingredients to achieve specific properties is crucial.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Utilized for blending powders, granules, and pastes in the production of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and medicinal creams. Sigma mixers ensure uniform distribution of ingredients.

  • Plastics and Polymers: Used for compounding, mixing additives, colorants, fillers, and other materials in the production of plastics, rubber products, and polymer-based compounds.

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