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Chewing Gum

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Chewing gum was made of a substance called chicle mixed with flavorings.Chicle is a latex sap that comes from the sapodilla tree. In other word chicle is a form of rubber.

Karvil Machinery has many years’ experience on this industry, especially focuses on the field of sigma kneader mixers. We have provided high-quality equipment and professional services for many enterprises.

Main equipment and function introduction:

Gum making has evolved over the years, with advancements in technology and machinery. One such machine that has revolutionized the gum manufacturing process is the gum base extruder, also known as a gum sigma mixer machine. 

Understanding the gum sigma mixer with extruder:

Gum sigma mixer with extruder is a specialized machine designed to mix and knead various ingredients to create the base for chewing gum. It is an essential tool in the gum manufacturing industry, allowing for efficient and consistent production. This machine is capable of blending and processing a wide range of ingredients, including gum base, sweeteners, flavors, and colors.

Steps Involved in Gum Making with a gum sigma mixer with extruder:

Preparation: Gather all the necessary ingredients, including gum base, sweeteners, flavors, and colors. Ensure that the gum base is properly softened and at the right temperature for processing.

Loading: Place the gum base into the hopper of the gum base extruder. Add the desired sweeteners, flavors, and colors according to the recipe or formulation.

Mixing and Kneading: Start the machine and allow it to mix and knead the ingredients. The gum base extruder uses a combination of heat and pressure to soften and blend the ingredients together. This process ensures uniform distribution of flavors and colors throughout the gum base.

Shaping: Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and kneaded, the gum base extruder will shape the gum into a continuous strip or rope. This strip can then be cut into individual pieces or shaped into various forms using additional equipment.

Packaging: After shaping, the gum is ready for packaging. It can be wrapped in individual wrappers or packed in bulk, depending on the intended market.

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