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Double Helix Horizontal Powder Mixer

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  • WLDH-2000

Customizable Design

  • The mixer can be made with all stainless steel or materials contact part with stainless steel or all carbon steel.

  • Interior Surfaces: Mirror polished.

  • Discharge: Manual valve or pneumatic valve.

  • Safety device:Safety grid on the cylinder. Emergency stop device when the lid is open while the safety grip is not on the cylinder

  • Heating function ( optional): Electric heating with jacket for heating transfer oil; Jacket for steam; Jacket for water circulation.

  • Cooling function( optional): Jacket for cooling water circulation or equipped together with a chiller.

  • Vacuum function( optional): it includes vacuum pump, metal hose, buffer tank and vacuum gauge. Vacuum degree can reach-0.096mpa.

  • Other customized function can be discussed.


Technical Parameters


Application Industry

Food Processing: Ribbon mixers are extensively used in the food industry for blending dry ingredients, such as flours, spices, powders, baking mixes, and food additives. They are crucial for maintaining product consistency and quality in food production.

Chemical Industry: Ribbon mixers are used for mixing chemicals, pigments, dyes, and other powders or granular materials. They ensure uniform distribution of components in chemical processes.

Plastics Industry: Ribbon mixers are used for blending plastic resins, colorants, additives, and other raw materials in the production of plastic products, ensuring consistent quality.

Construction Materials: In the production of construction materials like cement, mortar, dry plaster, and concrete mixes, ribbon mixers ensure an even distribution of ingredients.

Agriculture and Fertilizer Production: Ribbon mixers are used to blend dry fertilizers and soil conditioners, ensuring consistent nutrient distribution in agricultural applications.

Mining and Metallurgy: Ribbon mixers are used for the blending of ore concentrates, as well as for mixing materials in metallurgical processes.


Customizable Design: Ribbon mixers come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate varying batch sizes and production needs. They can be designed for batch mixing or continuous mixing, depending on the application.

Optional Features: Many ribbon mixers can be equipped with additional features, such as heating or cooling jackets in the mixing chamber, spray nozzles for the controlled addition of liquids, and safety mechanisms like interlocks and safety guards.

Ease of Cleaning: Ribbon mixers are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They often feature quick-access doors and removable agitators, making it straightforward to clean and prevent cross-contamination between batches.

Durability: These mixers are typically built to withstand the demands of industrial use. They feature robust construction and materials capable of handling abrasive or corrosive materials.

Safety Features: Many ribbon mixers include safety features such as interlocking mechanisms, emergency stop buttons, and protective guards to ensure operator safety during operation.

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