Adhesive Sigma Blade Mixer

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  • NH-100

Customizable Design

  • The contact part of the material can be made of SS304, SS316 with a polished surface or carbon steel. The remaining part can also be made of stainless steel and mostly uses carbon steel with automotive-grade industrial paint.

  • The speed of the sigma blades can be adjusted using an inverter control; one speed is fast and the other is slow.

  • There are two methods for discharging: hydraulic tilting or screw extrusion, or both.

  • The independent control panel includes functions control, Schneider electronic components, circuit breaker protection, and displays voltage and current.

  • There is an optional vacuum function, which includes a vacuum pump, metal hose, buffer tank, and vacuum gauge. The vacuum degree can reach -0.096mpa.

  • There is also an optional heating function, which can be achieved through electric heating with far ultrared heaters or by using a jacket for heating transfer oil, steam, or water circulation.

  • For cooling, there is an optional jacket for cooling water circulation or the equipment can be equipped with a chiller.

  • Other customized functions can be discussed.


Technical Parameters



Key Features

Dual Mixing Blades: The sigma mixer features two horizontally oriented, sigma-shaped blades that rotate in opposite directions. These blades resemble the Greek letter "sigma," which gives the mixer its name.

Trough or Bowl: The mixing chamber of the sigma mixer is typically a trough or bowl-shaped vessel where the materials are loaded for mixing. The dual blades rotate within this chamber, ensuring thorough mixing and kneading.

Cooling or Heating Jackets: Some sigma mixers are equipped with cooling or heating jackets around the mixing chamber. These jackets allow for precise temperature control during mixing processes that involve temperature-sensitive materials.

Control System: Modern sigma mixers often include control systems that allow operators to adjust the mixing speed, direction of rotation, and other parameters for optimal mixing performance.

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