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Which machine is used for mixing of powder?

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The machine used for mixing powder is commonly referred to as a powder mixer or powder blending machine. There are several types of powder mixers available, each with its own design and mixing principle. Some common types of powder mixers include:

1. V Blender: It has a V-shaped mixing barrel and is usually used to mix two or more powders. During the mixing process, the powder will form a V-shaped area at the bottom of the barrel, allowing for efficient mixing.

2. Double Cone Blender: It consists of two conical barrels that stir the powder together by rotating. This kind of mixer is suitable for scenarios where the requirements for the mixture are not too strict.

3. Drum Blender: Similar to a rotary mixer, it consists of a cylindrical barrel that mixes powder by rotating. This mixer is suitable for large batch mixing operations.

4. Ribbon Mixer: Horizontal ribbon mixer design typically consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough and an agitating assembly composed of inner and outer helical ribbons that rotate on a central shaft. These ribbon blades move materials in opposing directions, creating a mixing action. Additionally, ribbon blenders can often be customized with various features, such as jackets, spray settings, hoppers, feeders, and discharge valves which can suit specific blending requirements. 

5. High-Speed Mixer: Rapidly mixes powder through high-speed rotating blades. This kind of mixer is suitable for scenes that require high mixing speed.

The choice of powder mixer depends on factors such as the characteristics of the powder materials, desired mixing efficiency, required batch size, and the specific application or industry requirements.



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