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Dry Mortar Powder

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Dry mortar powder is a powder-based raw material used in the construction industry to which additives and polymers can be added for specific purposes in construction, usually mixed with water to make mortar and concrete.

Karvil has developed and produced the mixing machine for more than 20 years, provided high-quality equipment and professional services for many enterprises.

Main equipment and function introduction:

Mixing equipment:

Mixing equipment is one of the most critical equipment in the production process of dry mortar. It is used to mix different raw materials together to obtain the desired formula and quality. Common mixing equipment includes mixers, mixing tanks, and mixer trucks. These equipment can ensure the uniform mixing of raw materials, thereby improving the quality and stability of the powder mortar.

Crushing equipment:

Crushing equipment is used to break large particles in raw materials into the required fine powder. These equipment include jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, etc. Through the use of crushing equipment, the processability and reactivity of raw materials can be improved, thereby improving the quality of (sensitive words, blocked) silt mortar.

Drying equipment:

Drying equipment is used to evaporate the water in the mixed materials to obtain the required dryness. Common drying equipment includes rotary dryers, fluidized bed dryers and hot air furnaces. These devices quickly and effectively remove moisture from mixed materials, ensuring the stability and quality of dry mortar.

Packaging Equipment:

Packaging equipment is used to package and encapsulate the produced dry mortar. Common packaging equipment includes automatic packaging machines, sealing machines and weighing machines. These devices can improve packaging efficiency and accuracy and ensure the safety and stability of dry mortar during transportation and storage.

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